September 21, 2017
September 21, 2017


PAYEER starts as an exchanger, turning into an online payment processor. This is the reason why PAYEER can offer its own exchange service. You can withdraw in given methods PAYERER and deposit, send and receive in countless ways. Everyone will find the right one for himself because the Integration of PAYEER are about 150 payment systems. In addition, you can order plastic cards and withdraw money from ATM.

As a payment method for HYIP, PAYEER is strongly requested because the system is added to the GoldCoders script, which is the most popular HYIP script. HYIPs like PAYEER because the system does not require any validation and free reserve. PAYEER claims that they do not stop any accounts, which is a real paradise for HYIP administrators.

To make your PAYEER account safer, you can activate the optional master key for transaction verification. Transfer between accounts is free of charge, so is the deposit, but PAYEER charges 0.95% of your payment (if your HYIP uses API).

PAYEER Advantages:

  • zero or low cost;
  • Multiple choices for deposit and withdrawal;
  • Real-time and flexible transactions between HYIP programs;
  • substantial payment;
  • Exchange services;
  • Bank automatic payment (bank card)
  • Simple registration (Email verification only);
  • High degree of protection (IP security, SMS security);
  • Virtual card (which can replace a real card)
  • Multi-currency accounts;
  • Immediate transfer means;
  • Membership plan