October 19, 2017 Epay.com

How to Withdraw Your Bitcoin or USDT with little Commissions?


Recently, many traders have met different problems when they try to withdraw USDT or Bitcoin on different platforms. Such as the minimum amount and the withdraw time limit per day. How to fix all the troublesome?

Big news, Epay has integrated with Bitstamp and using their Real Time Exchange Rate! That means, you can trade on Epay with the exact some price of Bitstamp. What’s more, since Epay has registered a business account on Bistamp and has successful verified, we can easily help you to withdraw your Bitcoin without any limit of the amount or the withdraw time!


Epay also has open an account on Tether and Bitfinex, which also enable us to help you to exchange USDT into USD instantly.

How to cash out Bitcoin/ USDT on Epay?

  1. Register on Epay: www.epay.com
  2. Make a deposit order of Bitcoin/ USDT
  3. Make a withdraw order after money credit to your balance.
  4. Receive money.